Mia2012 Ndumo outreach.

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If God is on our side who can be against us?

Our journey began at Fountains Valley. It was very cold, but the more we praised the Lord – the warmer we got!

Our outreach started on Thursday as we drove to Ndumo. The journey was 500km! We arrived at 6pm.

The first and second day (Friday & Saturday) was all about sports ministry! Most of our time was spent with those who were part of the soccer tournament. The final of soccer tournament was held on Saturday afternoon. We went to TIMPO thereafter (Together In Mission Prayer Outreach). We presented the Mia team to the churches. They were greatly exited about the team! On Monday we met with the churches’ youth leaders who joined the team.

Workshops were held that would create a foundation for leadership in the community. This would consequently inspire something new that would revive Churches and the surrounding areas. The training was focused upon youth leadership. We were taught about what was needed to become good leaders and what characteristics youth leaders needed. It was nice to see different church leaders excited about the training. We socialised with the youth that evening so that we could get to know each other.

Tuesday’s training was exceptional. The importance of sell groups was discussed. We learnt that growth would follow when smaller church groups were formed. Different youth activities and programs were suggested that would keep the youth involved at church.

Personaly, I believe that this was a foundation that was laid for the great things that God is planning for Ndumo. God used this oureach to greatly encourage the Churches to become actively involved in Together In Mission Prayer Outreach.

Being a translator throughout the course of the event was a good experience for me. The Mia team built a foundation upon the Rock of Ages – in the name of Jesus. I can’t wait to see what God is busy doing in Ndumo! The village is Moving into action with God! Ndumo has been brought to another level…

I want to thank God for giving this vision to the leaders of the Mia2012 for sending the Mia team. It was for the best.

Rise Ndumo! Rise for God



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My Bushphase

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What is impossible to Men is possible to God!!


It was Friday morning 13 April 2012 when we left Pretoria and headed to the Wolkberge near Tsanin.

My first day was very interesting,we started with 100 pushups with a full backpack as a part of our preparation for the big challenges. I thought I was not going to make it, but with my team encouraging me I did it! There was a time where I was kissing the ground – that was really fun. The next day it was all about climbing up and down mountains. We were so tired, but used our last bit of energy to make our way down the small cliff towards the natural swimming pool. We had a wonderful time cooling down and chatting in the relaxing water. It was a big experience for me. I enjoyed seeing the creation of God! I was very afraid of snakes during the beginning, but something wonderful happen in my life! God reminded me of Psalms 23 that says “The Lord is my Sherpherd I will not be afraid, even if I walk through the dark valley I will not be afraid.” i didn’t fear snakes from that day on.

We reached our destination we positive altitude, everyone was excited seeing the waterfall. We realized that all that there was left to do was to go back home with joy! The sound of water from the waterfall was beautiful. I realized that God is wonderful.

I will never forget this wonderful experience in my life. Above all God is amazing!

If God is with us, who can be against us?




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My first post

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Wow I don’t believe i have my own websit,where I can post my own things.